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Armenia has one of the most ancient, complicated, and tragic histories of any country. Even fewer have a culture as diverse and resilient as ours. History will captivate you, monuments will astonish you, the countryside will astound you, and down-to-earth inhabitants will seduce you. 

The most impressive attraction is the country’s collection of medieval monasteries, which is closely followed by a breathtakingly gorgeous terrain that is ideal for trekking and other outdoor sports. Then there’s Yerevan, one of the region’s most lively and lovable cities, which is an unexpected treat. They provide for an exciting and really delightful travel experience when combined.

Arrival at Yerevan International airport. 

Meeting with the guide. Private transfer to Tsaghkadzor, check in at the hotel. 

Explore surrounding of the resort town– Tsaghkadzor, which is a spa town and urban municipal community, as well as one of the most popular health resorts in Armenia. The resort delights its guests with a wonderful climate all year round with High-class hotels, ski resort, clean air, and beautiful natural views. 

Overnight in Tsaghkadzor

Breakfast at the hotel.

Tour Sevan Lake – SEVANAVANK. 

The first place where we will stop today is Lake Sevan. It is in the north from the capital of Armenia, at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. It is one of the most beloved places of the Armenian population and here you will often meet foreign visitors as well.  Another ancient temple of Armenia – Sevanavank, which dates to the 8th century is located on the territory of Lake Sevan. Sevanavank is located on the Sevan Peninsula and its history is associated with the spread of ascetic life on the territory of Armenia. The ascetic life of the Armenian Church starts from this place, and the construction of the main temple is connected to the name of Queen Mary, who is a representative of the Armenian dynasty – the Bagratuni. On the territory of Sevanavank temple we will meet the pearl of Armenian architecture – KHACHKHAR. Khachkhar means a stone cross – a cross made of stone in the Armenian language. Khachkar is one of the main symbols of centuries-old Armenia and it is not widespread in the culture of any other country in the Caucasus region. Armenian Khachkar never repeats the existing ornaments, and it always has a distinctive handwriting. It is included in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

The stone cross is a clear example and the main symbol of the Armenian faith, that can withstand many hardships and maintain the great faith in Jesus Christ many centuries later.

Stop near the restaurant for refreshment. You can order lunch and pay on spot. 

Tour in Dilijan – Tavush region. The Armenian paradise of Tavush region is rich in both natural and historical monuments. The monastery complex of Haghartsin, one of the wonders of Armenian medieval architecture, is located 18 km to the north of the resort town of Dilijan.

The monastery complex of Haghartsin represents an amazing harmony of architecture and nature. Haghartsin, like many Armenian monasteries built between the 7th and 13th centuries, belongs to the group of dome-shaped which is called “katoghike” in Armenian. Typically, church dome is supported by four columns that dominate the ensemble and are considered its central structure. Very often monastery ensembles include several churches and chapels, and Haghartsin is no exception.

There are a lot of beautiful but “hidden” places in Armenia, and Parz (Clear) lake is one of them.

It is in Dilijan National Park (Tavush region of Armenia), at the altitude of 1400 meters above sea. It is about 7 kilometers far from Dilijan city. The lake is surrounded by forests. Water in the lake is transparent, a little greenish. As the forests are very close to the shoreline, the massive trees, leaning to the lake, are reflected in the water”.  There are many cozy restaurants and cafes in the lake where you can spend your time, ride horses, or organize a family picnic.

This place is one of the most famous natural landmarks of Dilijan, Besides Lake Parz, there are also other places of interest near Dilijan Matosavank is 3 km northwest from the town of Dilijan

Transfer back to Tsaghkadzor. 

Overnight in Tsaghkadzor. 

Breakfast at the hotel. 

After breakfast we will leave for Yerevan. Yerevan City Tour. The capital of Armenia. Yerevan is the most remote point in Europe, it is a unique example of the fusion of European and Asian cultures for many people. During the tour we will see the Republic Square – the central town square in Yerevan. The architect of the heart of Yerevan is Alexander Tamanian, who presented the project of the main square of the capital in 1924. There are 5 main buildings in the perimeter of the square, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, A five-star Hotel Marriott Armenia, the building of Parliament – the highest legislative body, the building of the Central Post Office of Armenia and the History Museum of Armenia.Stop near the restaurant for refreshment. You can order lunch and pay on spot. Continue the tour, In addition to the mentioned above, we will visit the main architectural pride of Yerevan – the Yerevan Cascade. The cascade is in the central part of the city and reminds us of the multi-storey tower of Babylon, which leads to the main symbol of victory – the obelisk. The cascade is covered with many historical details, originated from the ancient Armenian settlement – Urartu. After getting known with multi-century history of Armenia, we will visit the Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet to get known with Armenian tunes. This theater dates to 1933 and is an excellent example of the unique architecture of the city.

Arrival at the hotel, check-in. 

Overnight in Yerevan 

Breakfast at the hotel. 


The first thing we will visit today is Garni Monastery. The information about Garni dates to the first century and was originally the main symbol of idolatrous Armenia. Today it is a Christian church. The idea of building Garni belongs to King Tacitus. For centuries, this temple served as a signal tower, as well as it was strategically significant for defense, it protected Armenia from the enemy coming from the south. Garni Monastery has its own way to the Azat river, which has been very important since ancient times during the long sieges. Stop near the restaurant for refreshment. You can order lunch and pay on spot. After visiting Garni, our way continues to Geghard Monastery. Located in the mountains, Geghard Monastery is a rock-cut temple dating back to the 4th century. There is a stream in the middle of the monastery, which is originated from one of the rocks, due to that Geghard is often called the rock temple by the Armenians. Geghard Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it is one of the most visited places in modern Armenia.

Transfer back to Yerevan. 

overnight in Yerevan. 

Breakfast at the hotel. 

Private transfer to Yerevan International airport. 


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