Experience the Wilderness in Luxury: Tented Safaris with Intimate Places Tanzania

Experience the thrill of the African wilderness without compromising on comfort and luxury. Intimate Places Tanzania offers a range of tastefully designed tented camps that serve as your home away from home in the wild. Each camp is strategically located in Tanzania’s most stunning landscapes, offering you an immersive safari experience like no other.

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Intimate Places Tanzania: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Headquartered in the Usa River, on the outskirts of Arusha, Intimate Places Tanzania is renowned for its personal touch. Treating every guest as a VIP, they ensure experiences that last a lifetime. With decades-long ties to East Africa, they’ve built a relationship with the area and its people, offering a unique perspective to all who travel with them.

Luxury Tented Camps: Your Home in the Wild

Luxury Tent Intimate Places

Intimate Places Tanzania offers a range of tasteful accommodation options to suit your needs. Their camps, including the Intimate Camp Seronera in Central Serengeti, Intimate Camps Zebra in Ndutu & Kogatende, and the mobile camp that can be set up anywhere, provide a perfect blend of luxury and adventure. Each camp is designed to offer a unique experience, allowing you to connect with nature without sacrificing comfort.

Intimate Camp Seronera: The Heart of the Serengeti

intimate places tent bedroom
Intimate tents Bathroom

Located in Central Serengeti, the Intimate Camp Seronera offers a front-row seat to the abundant wildlife and the breathtaking savannah landscapes of the Serengeti. The camp is designed to blend seamlessly with its surroundings, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while maximizing your safari experience.

Intimate Camps Zebra: The Great Migration Awaits

intimate places zebra camp tent
intimate places zebra crossing

Situated in Ndutu & Kogatende, the Intimate Camps Zebra offers a unique opportunity to witness the Great Migration, one of nature’s most spectacular events. The camp provides a comfortable and luxurious base from which to explore the surrounding wilderness, teeming with wildlife.

Intimate Mobile Camp: Your Personal Safari

Intimate Places Camp site view

For those seeking a truly personalized safari experience, the Intimate Mobile Camp is the perfect choice. This camp can be set up anywhere, allowing you to explore off-the-beaten-path locations and enjoy a safari tailored to your preferences.

intimate places camp morning tea

Each tented camp is equipped with all the amenities you’d expect from luxury accommodations, including comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, and private verandas. The camps also feature communal areas where guests can relax, dine, and share their safari stories. With attentive staff and expert guides at your service, your stay at Intimate Places Tanzania’s tented camps is sure to be a memorable one.

Why Choose a Tented Safari?

A tented safari offers a unique way to experience the African wilderness. It allows you to stay close to nature, listen to the sounds of the wild, and witness the stunning wildlife right at your doorstep. With luxury tented safaris, you get to enjoy all these while relaxing in a comfortable, luxurious setting.

Book Your Luxury Tented Safari Today!

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